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Table on Biff's Bistro's patio with two entrées and a bottle of rosé place on it

Rosé All Day

Drink pink with our limited-time summer selection!

summer smashables

Cocktail Hour

Swing by daily from 4-7pm, and celebrate the season with our $10 Summer Smashables, $10 Frozé and $12 Biff’s Favourites!

Biff's Bistro street-side patio

Patio Now Open

Join us on our sunny streetside terrace for classic French fare and wine.

How to build the perfect cheese board

Afrim Pristine's top tips for crafting the perfect cheese board to impress your friends and keep them coming back for more!

Biff's Bistro street-side patio

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The Best Restaurants in Downtown Toronto

Bordeaux Wine Festival


Where to Get Cheap Wine Every Day of The Week